E.G.A. is a combustion flue analyzer for the monitoring of
O2 - CO - CO2 - NO - SO2, temperature and combustion
efficiency, for a continuous analysis in local installation.
It offers:

  • Detection of 3 parameters O2 CO CO2 with sending to the control system.

  • Display for O2 CO CO2 NO SO2 emissions,, combustion efficiency and flue temperatures

  • NO SO2 monitoring.

  • Possible employ for flue analysis independent from the control. Availability of 6 x 420 mA analogic outputs.

  • Special electrochemical sensors with extreme high accuracy.

The E.G.A. analyzer perfectly integrates itself in the microprocessor combustion control system by supplying the control adjustment thanks to direct readings in real time of: O2 CO CO2 and thanks to the continuous monitoring of NO SO2 and temperature.

High Quality colours TV cameras designed for the continuous operation at temperatures up to 2000°C.
Industrial TV monitors and Video Recorders complete the system.
A large quantity of applications have been realized with such strong TV cameras, which allow the flame sight in furnaces for steel, for glass industry, for cement, and in thermoelectric power stations.
Further important applications are: the monitoring on thermic process and in urban and industrial solid waste incinerators.